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Spend a weekend focused on your relationship

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Would you like to transform your relationship by covering three months of therapy in one weekend?  Private couple's weekends are two to three days of therapy customized to your unique relationship needs.

Choose your preferred setting:  a professional office, your home, or a getaway destination.  Destination locations include (but are not limited to) Driggs, Sun Valley, and McCall.

Couple Holding Hands

"If the need should ever arise again, we will literally travel across the country...for a weekend retreat with Shannon. She was that good for us."

     --J.K., southeast Idaho

"It was a very cathartic weekend for us, and we were thankful for your listening skills, professionalism, and patience [which] allowed such deep and rewarding emotional energy to unfold." 

     --Anonymous, Boise, Idaho

"OH, MY! We changed our life together entirely after two days! We were able to dive so deep that we faced our fears of a deeply safe and nurturing container held, and perfectly orchestrated, by Shannon."

     --Seanette, Montana

Traditional therapy is based on hour-long sessions once per week. Progress is measured in weeks and months. Clients are lumped into diagnostic stereotypes for insurance purposes.  Most couples don’t realize how much can be accomplished in a single weekend dedicated to therapy and bonding.

Sessions focus on:

  • tools for conflict resolution

  • understanding your partner’s wants, needs, emotions, and dreams

  • building greater friendship, romance, and intimacy

  • increasing trust and commitment

  • avoiding relationship pitfalls

  • creating safety needed for deeper understanding and connection

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