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The Thriving Relationship Retreat
Fall 2018
Mountain Landscape

The Thriving Relationship Retreat
coming late summer 2021!
Location TBA

Break away for a weekend with your partner to focus on your relationship. Surround yourself with the beauty of a small mountain town resort, and free yourself from the daily distractions of life.

3 days and 2 nights

*This retreat is limited to ten couples.


Is conflict with your partner exhausting? Or maybe you just feel like you need time to connect? Do you desire to come home to a relationship that feels nurturing and restorative?


Maybe you have tried couples counseling. We all know the drill....sign up for weekly sessions; jump through hoops to ensure you and your partner can attend. Get cozy and comfortable, begin making some progress, and, oh look -- time’s up for this week.


But there’s a different option for reconnecting with your partner in a single weekend! Join us for our 2020 Sun Valley Relationship Retreat. We’ll provide time, restorative space, and a framework that strengthens your bond. You’ll have insights that immediately impact your relationship experience and communication for the better.


Does spending a weekend working on your relationship sound exhausting? Yes? Well then, you’re in the perfect place. You’re probably feeling a bit stuck. Maybe you’re having the same fight over and over again, and it’s not accomplishing anything. Maybe all the time you could spend connecting with your partner turns into yet another argument. You may be wondering if your relationship is even sustainable.


At our retreat, we simplify relationship work. Instead of being overwhelmed by the relationship as a whole, we take the time to focus on manageable pieces. By the end of the weekend, you will have identified your strengths and have tools for improving areas that need support.


Our retreats work for couples who are just feeling “a little stuck,” as well as those who are recovering from betrayal. You can experience a restorative bond and improved communication.


We’ve led many couples to a stronger relationship in a single weekend dedicated to growth. It’s so much easier to dive into a weekend retreat than to schedule weekly visits for months...the good stuff always starts coming out after an hour! We’ve chosen Sun Valley as a backdrop for this retreat. We find that beautiful scenery, walks in nature, and peaceful ambiance really immerse our couples in this process.

  • We value your privacy.  All exercises are done with your partner -- no public disclosure of personal information.

  • Revisit the strengths you and your loved one share, and compassionately address any areas that need work.

  • Discover and practice tools for aligning your visions.

  • Strengthen friendship, increase trust, and deepen connection

  • Learn to effectively navigate conflict and make repairs.

Who will benefit from attending this retreat?

  • Couples desiring a more fulfilling relationship.

  • Couples who wish to explore more intimate depths of connection.

  • Couples dealing with a myriad of relationship stress.

  • Couples who have a hard time setting aside time to focus on their relationship.

Meet Your Thriving Relationship Retreat Facilitators

Brandi Hobbs, LCSW & Shannon Johnson LCSW

Brandi & Shannon are the co-founders of The Thriving Relationship. They are both Licensed Clinical Social Workers who reside and practice in Idaho Falls, Idaho. They have a passion for supporting couples in cultivating a thriving relationship -- it isn't easy, and most couples need guidance along the way. They believe all couples can use support or insight from time to time, and therapy isn't always the answer. Click on the link to learn more. 


What's Included in all packages?

  • Daily workshops focused on strengthening your relationship

  • Accompanying printed workbook for each couple

  • Two night's lodging in Sun Valley Lodge

  • Outdoor pool and spa

  • Parking

Each Couple Will Leave With:

-concrete tools for effectively navigating conflict

-a deeper understanding of your partner's needs, wants, emotions, and dreams

-skills and activities to help you build greater friendship, romance, and intimacy

-a strength-based, individualized plan for continuing to build and nurture your relationship

Couples will enjoy the Sun Valley Lodge resort setting, which includes beautiful pools, spa options, amazing landscapes, cocktails, delicious foods, shopping, and so much more.


The retreat price includes two night's lodging in a Lodge Premium King room.

Couples are encouraged to spend meals and evenings engaged in one-on-one time with each other. The Sun Valley Resort is the perfect setting to help you enjoy purposeful intimate time as a couple.

Our Home for the Weekend:


Want to do even more for your relationship during the retreat? 

Enhance your experience with a Couples Consultation with one of our licensed therapists.  

A limited number of Individual Couples Consultations are available on Friday evening.

Consultations are $155 each for a 90-minute session

Each consultation requires the completion of an online assessment prior to the retreat.

General Retreat Itinerary

**The itinerary will be flexible based on the needs of the group.**

Day 1:  Arrive and check-in.

4:00pm - 6:30pm

Topic 1:  Foundation in Friendship

Topic 2:  An Attitude of Gratitude

Dinner on your own


Day 2: What Brings Us Together: The building blocks of a thriving relationship. 

9:00am - 3:00pm

Topic 3:  Trust & Commitment

Topic 4:  Leaning In

Topic 5:  Cultivating Joy

Lunch Break - on your own

Topic 6:  Igniting Intimacy

Topic 7:  Understanding Our Stress Response

Dinner on your own

Day 3: What Keeps Us Together: Tools for navigating relationship stressors.

9:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Topic 8:  The “Do’s and Don’ts” of Communication

Topic 9:  Understanding Emotions & Triggers

Brunch break and check out

Topic 10:  Our Conflict Patterns

Topic 11:  Tools for a Healthy Conversation

Topic 12:  Our New Path Forward

Still Not Sure if This is Right For You?

Here's a short questionnaire we'd love for you to complete to assist in making this decision.

Also, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions 

Need more guidance? Click here to schedule a free 20-minute phone consult.

Pricing for Couples Retreat and Two Night's Lodging:


Early Bird Registration

Regular Registration

*Payment plans available upon request. 




"Thank you for arranging such nice accommodations. I was anxious about what I was walking into based on previous couples classes. I was also anxious about giving up a weekend. I was happy with both in the end. The weekend truly was a retreat. My wife and I learned about ourselves and getting through conflict. I really appreciated how you developed and set up the program to [not] put my wife and I in conflict, but to leave us happier and more excited for the future. Definitely would be up for another weekend in the future!" 

 ~K&C, Idaho Falls

"This was a great way for my partner and I to develop a deeper level of intimacy and understanding of each other that has helped us build a solid relationship. I have seen the rewards it has had on our commitment with each other and understanding each other's perspectives and how we handle conflict."     

~B&S, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you cancel your reservation for the Couples Retreat up to 40 days prior, 50% of your registration fee will be refunded. If you cancel after 40 days prior, 0% will be refunded.  If retreat is canceled due to lack of participants, all registration fees will be returned.


Looking forward to seeing you in beautiful Sun Valley!

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