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The "I" in Relationship Retreat

Coming early 2022...

Introducing a two-day retreat focused on bringing your best self to your relationships. 

Do you feel lost, unfulfilled, or depleted in relationships? Are you unsure what you even want or need? Do you desire to come home to a relationship that feels nurturing and restorative?


Or perhaps you are happy in your relationship, but would like to learn even more about how to have a fulfilling partnership? Would you like to ensure that you are bringing your best to a relationship? Do you want to gain more awareness of yourself and your needs, while learning how to practice the best self-care?

In our work with couples, we have found that individuals who work on self are much more successful in relationships. This is why a couples therapist may often refer each person to yet another therapist. But there must be an easier way.

We are excited to announce an individual retreat focusing on bringing your best self to your relationship.


Join us for our first The I in Relationship Retreat. We’ll help you define goals, develop a more positive attitude, and sort out what is and isn’t your responsibility in a relationship. 

You’ll learn how to recognize healthy and unhealthy relationship patterns more quickly, and avoid unnecessary drama. We want to teach you how to manage conflict effectively.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ll help you identify your core needs, which will allow you to set healthy limits to protect those needs. This insight is crucial to building any thriving relationship.

At our retreat, self-care in a relaxing environment is a major focus. We’ll take time with each topic to develop a deeper awareness. By the end of the weekend, you'll have improved insight to yourself. You will take away specific tools for improving areas that need support.

We’ve led many couples to a stronger relationship in a single weekend dedicated to growth. Now, we are excited to lead individuals through a process that will spur growth and change in themselves. What better gift can you give yourself than the insight to bring your best self to a healthy, thriving relationship?

Who will benefit from attending this retreat?

  • Individuals who want to bring their best self to their relationship.

  • Individuals who want to be able to identify healthy relationships.

  • Individuals who want to prepare for a healthy relationship.

  • Couples who want to focus on their individual work.

Not sure if a retreat is right for you?

What's included?

  • Daily workshops focused on what you bring to relationships

  • Accompanying printed workbook for each person

Meet Your Thriving Relationship Retreat Facilitators

Brandi Hobbs, LCSW & Shannon Johnson LCSW

Brandi & Shannon are the co-founders of The Thriving Relationship. They are both Licensed Clinical Social Workers who reside and practice in Idaho Falls, Idaho. They have a passion for supporting couples in cultivating a thriving relationship -- it isn't easy, and most couples need guidance along the way. They believe all couples can use support or insight from time to time, and therapy isn't always the answer. 


General Retreat Itinerary

**The itinerary will be flexible based on the needs of the group.**

Day 1:  A Focus on Self

 9:00am - 6:00pm

Topic 1:  Understanding My Responsibility

Topic 2: Attitude of Gratitude

Topic 3: Inner Critic

Lunch Break - on your own

Topic 4: Stress Response

Topic 5: Self-Care

Topic 6: Owning My Sexuality


Day 2: Understanding Relationship Dynamics

9:00am - 6:00pm

Topic 7: Is It Abuse?

Topic 8: Boundaries and Needs

Topic 9: Exploring Emotions and Triggers

Lunch Break - on your own

Topic 10: Conflict Patterns

Topic 11:  Tools for Healthy Communication

Topic 12:  New Path Forward

Image by Christian Holzinger

Investment for Thriving Relationship Retreat

Early Bird Registration 

Final Regisration 

*Payment plans available upon request. Full payment will be due by Febuary 14th, 2020. Just complete the registration form below, include in the message box your desire to do a payment plan, and we will contact you to discuss options.

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