Shannon Johnson, LCSW 

Shannon meets with couples at 

Human Dynamics & Diagnostics in

Idaho Falls, Idaho

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I love working with couples in my practice. I am fascinated by each unique couple and the paradox of joy and pain in every relationship. Healthy relationships transform the lives of those in them.

In couples therapy, you will learn to communicate respectfully while building trust and commitment; you will learn to handle conflict effectively and appreciate your partner. We focus on developing the skills necessary for a healthy, lasting relationship.

Although I am certified in the Gottman Method, I don't believe in a one-size fits all approach. I stay current on new methods, but ultimately, my goal is to meet each couple where they are, and work in a way that feels comfortable to them. 

"Shannon taught us so many good tools for healing and rebuilding our marriage...she helped orchestrate the rebirth our our marriage...we will be forever grateful to have shared a turning point in our marriage with her." 

            -- JK, Southeast Idaho