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Upcoming Thriving Retreats

November 11-13th, 2022

The Thriving Relationship Retreat
Idaho Falls, ID

Coming early 2023...

The "I" in Relationship
Idaho Falls, ID

Break away for a weekend retreat! Use the power of dedicated time and energy to transform your relationships.

At an Individual Retreat:​

  • We will help you identify your core needs and how they affect relationships.

  • We will help you differentiate what is in your control and what is not.

  • You will explore the impact of your inner critic on relationships and how to work toward a more positive mindset.

  • Through interactive workshops,  you will gain tools for understanding healthy and unhealthy relationship patterns, understanding your triggers, skillfully navigating conflict, and reinforcing self-care

  • This retreat is appropriate for anyone who would like to bring their best self to their relationship, current or future.


Each individual will leave with:

- A deeper understanding of your core needs, wants, and dreams.

-Insight into your triggers and how to navigate them alone, or with others

- Skills and activities to reinforce self-care and healthy boundaries

- A strength-based, individualized plan for continuing to grow as an individual


At a Couples Retreat:

  • We will help you and your partner assess your relationship strengths and weaknesses.

  • Through interactive workshops,  you will gain tools for aligning your visions, strengthening friendship, increasing trust, deepening connection, productively navigating conflict, and making relationship repair.

  • All exercises will be done with your partner.  There will be no public disclosure of personal information.

  • This retreat is appropriate for all committed couples who desire a stronger, more fulfilling relationship.

  • This retreat is ideal for all couples -those who are looking to explore even greater depths of connection, those who are navigating difficult situations, and those who have endured intense relationship stress.

Each couple will leave with:

- Concrete tools for effectively navigating conflict.

- A deeper understanding of your partner's needs, wants, emotions, and dreams.

- Skills and activities to help you build greater friendship, romance, and intimacy.

- A customized plan for continuing to build and nurture your relationship. 



"The communication techniques we learned continue to bring us closer and help resolve disagreements. We feel closer as a couple and are so happy we decided to go to the retreat!"

     --C&T, Idaho Falls, Idaho

"This was a great way for my partner and I to develop a deeper level of intimacy and understanding of each other...[this] has helped us build a solid relationship. I have seen the rewards...on our commitment with each other, and understanding each other's perspectives, and how we handle conflict."     

     --B&S, Idaho Falls, Idaho

"Thank you for arranging such nice accommodations. I was anxious about what I was walking into..I was also anxious about giving up a weekend. I was happy with both in the end. The weekend truly was a retreat. My wife and I learned about ourselves and getting through conflict. I really appreciated how you...set up the program to [not] put my wife and I in conflict, but to leave us happier and more excited for the future. Definitely would be up for another weekend in the future!" 

     --K&C, Idaho Falls

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