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FAQ -- Retreats

How long have you been doing what you do, and how did you get to be Relationship Coaches/Clinicians?


We’ve spent thousands of hours working with couples in therapy, workshops, and retreat settings; we absolutely love helping couples thrive. We’ve both trained in the Gottman Method and attended additional courses from leaders in relationship work.


Shannon has always had a fascination with relationships. From playing matchmaker and focusing on relationship celebrations like weddings and Valentines Day, to meddling in relationships around her, she eventually worked her way into relationship counseling. Her primary interest lies in how two people come together and create a life. Shannon has been married for 16 years and has three children. She applies the principles she teaches to her own family. She believes a healthy relationship is directly correlated to individual happiness.


Brandi’s passion is the individual’s relationship with themselves and how it impacts their relationship with others. She spent a decade working with clients in the criminal justice system who are struggling with substance addiction. This work taught her to understand and pull apart the influence of early relationships on our current relationships. Brandi’s family is a blended family; it offers her first-hand experience with the challenges that accompany “my ex/their ex” and “his, hers, and our children.” Brandi embraces the belief that relationships are the zero point for the potential joy and/or misery we experience in this lifetime.


Who attends retreats?


We work with couples from all walks of life. Some of the couples have recently started their relationship; they might be newlyweds who want to have a solid foundation. Some of the couples are looking for a way to carve out the time to really focus on their relationship. Some of the couples are struggling and actively looking for tools that will help get them back on track.


How are your retreats different from other retreats?


We’ve built our retreats on the foundation of privacy. Although it’s a group setting, all of the exercises and conversations are done with your person. We teach for short periods of time, and then we give you space to dig deeper together. We choose venues where there is room for the couples to spread out during break time. You will not endure hours of lecture. Instead, we will teach about a topic, and then send you out to work on the material. We are available for couples to ask us questions privately as needed.


What type of couples do you work best with, and what is expected of us?


This is an interesting question as we love to work with all types of couples. What we have found is that couples who are willing to engage in the process — couples where both people are invested in being there will benefit. Regardless of the current status of your relationship, if you are open to the process, we would love to work with you.


For what type of couple is this retreat NOT going to work?


If only one of the partners is willing to engage in the process, the retreat will most likely feel frustrating. It takes two people who are willing to work on the relationship to truly make a difference.


What exactly is The Thriving Relationship Retreat and what does it include?


The retreats last 2 days and is broken up into 12 topics. During that time, we will help you and your partner assess your relationship strengths and weaknesses. Through interactive workshops, you will gain tools for aligning your visions for your relationship, strengthening friendship, increasing trust, deepening connection, skillfully navigating conflict, and making repair. These skills and activities help you build greater friendship, romance, and intimacy. You will leave with a strength-based, individualized plan for continuing to build and nurture your relationship.


Topic 1:  Intention Setting & Foundation in Friendship

Topic 2:  An Attitude of Gratitude

Topic 3:  Trust & Commitment

Topic 4:  Leaning In: it's the “Little Things”

Topic 5:  Cultivating Joy & Dreaming Together

Topic 6:  Igniting Intimacy

Topic 7:  Understanding Our Stress Response

Topic 8:  Communication Patterns

Topic 9:  Understanding Triggers & Emotions

Topic 10:  Our Conflict Patterns

Topic 11:  The Toolbox

Topic 12:  New Path Forward


Does this really work?


Yes! If you and your significant other are engaged in the process, you will leave with the tools needed to maintain a thriving relationship. Please take a moment to read our testimonials.


What results can I expect?


You can expect to:

  1. Learn how to maintain a lasting friendship with your significant other.

  2. Experience the shift appreciation and gratitude can make in your daily lives.

  3. Learn how to build trust with each other in both small and big ways.

  4. Learn how to meet each other’s needs, so you both feel connected.

  5. Learn how to find joy and meaning in your life together.

  6. Learn how to foster intimacy and desire throughout the different stages of relationship.

  7. Learn how to handle escalating conflict as individuals and as a couple.

  8. Learn healthy communication patterns that foster connection.

  9. Learn more about your individual triggers and your partner’s triggers. Explore how emotions impact your ability to communicate.

  10. Identify the patterns of conflict that you repeat and why.

  11. Learn tools to help you navigate stressful conversations.

  12. Establish a plan on how to strengthen your relationship moving forward.


How quickly can I expect results?


You will experience positive shifts in your relationship starting day one of the retreat.


How can we guarantee ourselves that we will strengthen our relationship?


Attend the retreat with a willingness to fully engage in all of the exercises. Use the break time to complete the activities. Attend the retreat with a open and curious mindset, so you are able to fully benefit from the information and tools presented.


Will I recover the investment I put into this retreat?


Yes! Absolutely! Our relationship happiness has a huge impact on how we feel, how we connect with others, and how we show up in the world. Everyone deserves to go home at the end of the day to an environment that feels nurturing and restorative.


Shannon & Brandi, based on everything I’ve read and heard about you, I know I want to work with you. What are my options for getting started?


We are offering retreats four times per year. Please log on to our retreat page to sign up:


We’re not sure we’re ready to get started; how can we sample your work to see if this is the right fit?


We have built a Thriving Relationship Facebook Community where we do Lives on a weekly basis. Please check out the videos to get a better feel for how we work with couples.


OK, We’re ready to do this, but we have a couple of additional questions. Can we contact you?


Absolutely! Please send an email to with your questions. We can also set up a call if you prefer.

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